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Over 2 years ago, our parents and community members came together under the banner of an organization that promoted informing citizens & learning to take action to impact their community for widely held traditional moral values. They realized that for too long, individuals who love their country and were busy raising their families with traditional moral values had made a grave error. They had allowed the political left zealots to believe that they were in the majority when, in fact, they were very much in the minority. Mass Resistance MO has accomplished its goals and gone beyond. We have brought facts and documentation of district malfeasance to the people of St. Louis County and beyond.


. Several of our accomplishments include:

  • Repeatedly alerting over 3,000 citizens by mail of the specific ways Comprehensive Sexuality Education curriculum does not align with Missouri Statute 170.015.
  • Parents and Citizens took our information and spoke to their school board members in at least three districts.
  • Over 3,000 citizens were kept abreast of Parkway School District's rogue policies
  • Parents in the City of St. Charles school district stood up to bully activists and the bullies went away.

In light of all the wins above and knowing that our organization has helped build countywide leaders, Mass Resistance MO's leadership team is taking a sabbatical from day-to-day citizen journalism. Most Leadership mentoring programs speak to the authentic increase of mental creativity and productivity from cycles such as these. Click here for an example of what a work-related sabbatical looks like.

God bless our readers for all their support.

And Godspeed to every citizen journalist, may a new rallying cry come from every corner of St. Louis County:

Pray -- Stand -- Rejoice

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