Abortion-Loving Aggressors Attempt to Intimidate Parents & School Board Members

We are tired of seeing activists strip good programs with traditional moral values from our society. Have you seen on Fox2Now and KSDK the bully tactics of liberal abortion activists?  Turn the tide. Together we can make Parkway School great again.

Parkway School District is in a state of embarrassment in St. Louis County right now. Conservative parents have been fighting the school board since they passed sex education curriculum in March, 2016 that is extreme liberalism, promoting “anything goes” sexual behaviors and illegal when compared to Missouri state law RsMO170.015. But that's not enough!


Liberal progressive activists such as this are lying about the effectiveness of pro-life ThriVe St. Louis abstinence-based sex education curriculum that has been working in 10 area schools, reaching over 20,000 teens with the Life-giving message of abstinence-before-marriage. Parkway has already gutted most of ThriVe’s Best Choices program & now NARAL is coming after what is left.

Not only does ThriVe’s Best Choices program promote abstinence, it is completely aligned with Missouri state law that says medical accuracy & the teaching of abstinence to minors is mandatory.

We can't allow NARAL activists to win the day with their bully tactics!

Call MO Attorney General

  • Call MO Attorney General Josh Hawley.
  • Tell him Parkway School District is attempting to remove RsMO170.015--COMPLIANT abstinence based curriculum.
  • Ask Josh Holly to clarify to Parkway the role of faith-based organizations in public life because, let me tell you, it’s not illegal like NARAL-supporters say it is.
  • Let’s stop these activists mobs from traveling from district to district disrupting, intimidating & pressuring school board members into dropping pro-life, abstinence-based ThriVe curriculum!

YOU VOTED FOR TRUMP because you believed we needed to roll back progressive agendas. Well, progressive agendas have arrived right here in Parkway School & St. Louis County.

Photos are from Facebook accounts of activists bragging about their conquests as well as news coverage.

Don't let them get away with this!

Call Josh Hawley today!!

If you want more information on what is WRONG with our school districts, check out our man-on-the-street investigative reporting at www.massresistancemo.org



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