When Administrators tout sensitivity but turn a blind eye to ethnic groups in their own community

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"Here we go again... Parkway has made another major mistake"

That was a pediatrician's reaction when interviewed by St. Louis Jewish Light in response to Parkway administration's decision to host five graduation ceremonies on Shabbat.

Despite claims of anti-Semitism, five school board members voted to move ceremonies outside of St Louis County and into St. Charles County which is expected to increase taxpayers' expense. Questions remain unanswered related to the vote but this much is clear: the woman who resides as President of the Parkway School District, Beth Feldman, is active in her Jewish congregation. She voted with the administration on this proposal.

Some community members pointed out the double-standard among district leadership who promote White Privilege sensitivity training to their students and promote other social agendas such as continuing to allow transgender students to use the restroom of their choice.

Sadly, Parkway School District once had a sterling reputation. Families moved back into the Parkway district to raise their kids. As the parent above described, Parkway is quickly becoming the district that is known as making another major mistake.

Parkway — you can’t call it diversity & inclusive practices when you:

¨ Exclude over 200 conservative families in the Sex Ed curriculum decisions with the only accommodation: “Opt Out”

¨ Exclude over 800 Muslim families  in the Sex Ed curriculum decision who begged understanding over their religious beliefs

¨ Ignore the learning needs of over 800 students needing remedial instruction that they would receive in other parts of the country

¨ Exclude Jewish families from consideration when making district-wide decisions

Show your concern for Superintendent Keith Marty's leadership on this troubling issue.

Contact him at 314-415-8002 or

email him at kmarty@parkwayschools.net.

For more information on how Dr. Marty refused calls from faith leaders after the Board of Education vote, click here.

For a follow-up on the 2007 "Hit A Jew Day" story and how Parkway administrators mis-handled that situation, click here. One targeted student and his mother speak out 8 years later: "Looking back, ‘Hit a Jew Day’ target says silence is not the answer".



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