Don’t Blink. Don’t Lose Courage

weeping-angelFriends who know their history much better than this author remind me that the cost of freedom is not free. That sounds like a nice saying – until you are in the heat of the battle.  When I speak with other people in my school district and my region and even nationally, I always have my fact sheets and documentation. This is not gossip. This is real-life stuff.

And their mouth drops open. You are treated how? They lied about you in that area? But as we learn daily, this is a struggle of those who would call themselves innocent angels who want to love more people but in reality are not tolerant and not interested in your child’s rights if you want to raise your child in a traditionally moral way. That includes, but is not limited to, teaching kindergartners that it’s okay to masturbate and masturbate together. That is what Advocates For Youth’s lesson plans promote. If you want to have parental influence over your child’s learning, their health and their moral choices, you are a hater. You hate transgender kids.

dont-blinkBut who really hates? When a society ignores the medical facts that giving children puberty suppressing & then hormone replacement therapy drugs, they will be sterile for the rest of their lives. And that is just one known side effect.

The other side is calling the sky RED as Jennifer Hartline tells in her story here and we are expected to not only shut up about it but we are supposed to be accepting and encouraging as well.

When the 56 founding fathers (along with their wives and children back home who supported them) said “we mutually pledge ourselves to each other (1) our lives, (2) our fortunes, and (3) our sacred honor,” it was a huge sacrifice.

So, don’t blink and just stand still. Because when we stand still, in the blink of an eye, we will have no voice, we will have no freedom of speech to raise our children according to our parental values. We MUST stand up now. We must speak up. We must be wise and good at the same time but forceful in our outrage at the stealing of ALL children into death and heartache through our public school system.