Excellence in Education



The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.

Parents, grandparents, extended family and church leaders are realizing the critical role they play in not only holding back the indoctrination of the most vulnerable in our society but also in influencing the next generation. No longer can good people stand silent and allow destructive agendas to overtake our communities. Below are examples of concerns in education and ways to fight back.


but its imprint is still found in our schools. Look at the books in this CC approved book list [link] and dig deep at your local school to find out if they are being used and what process they used to choose books: were parents involved in the decision-making process?

  • Read more about how test scores are used to track your child’s history and feed into a larger data-mining social experiment.
  • Read more about how test scores are going to be directly tied to teacher evaluations.
  • Read about the effects of Common Core on achievement.


  • Read about nationwide standardized exam obsession and compare to your district.
  • Read what third graders are being asked to accomplish on standardized tests.
  • Read what's wrong about testing.
  • No child is required to complete any standardized exam. School officials are required to offer/provide it, but no student is required to lift a pencil and complete it. The stress and anxiety are not a side effect any child and his/her family must experience. Simply say “NO, I am refusing the state exams for my child.” Some schools may require you to keep your child home during the testing window and some may allow your child to read in the classroom while classmates take the test. The important thing is that your child is


  • Contact the Missouri School Board Association at 573-445-9920. Ask these questions provided by the NSBA to hold them accountable.


  • Each school district has a representative from the teacher’s association. Make an appointment with them. Ask them what stance the teacher’s union takes on issues that you care about. Holding them accountable and letting them know you are watching are powerful tools.