HATE – The Left’s Newest Family Value

As young people are concentrating on getting schoolwork done & enjoying various extracurricular activities, parents have the sometimes thankless job of looking at the bigger picture—making sure their children have the values they need to succeed within the larger community. Parents do the bulk of the work in this area but they also rely on their child’s educators to affirm their values in general. When being involved in sports and other school activities, certain standards of conduct are expected such as good grades and abiding by the school’s character education values.
But it seems there is a new “value” in society known as Social Justice which seems to be a disguise for a continual state of hate as a virtue. Sustaining hate and anger over a period of time, as a lifestyle, is self-destructive. It does not work toward constructing compromises, building bridges of understanding and mutual respect. It tears down. Is this what our educators are promoting in Parkway and other school districts in the St Louis area?

The majority of Parkway School District parents want their children to receive an education in academics and the skills necessary to work in a team environment toward a positive outcome. We don’t see Social Justice programs bearing the same kind of fruit as the adult participants. Take a look for yourselves.

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Investigate your school's budget. Ask questions of board members. Is your school spending a quarter of a million dollars on curriculum that is shame-based, divisive and filled with half-truths? A parents, voters and community members - we have a right to know and an obligation to pay attention.

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