OUTCRY AGAINST (conservative) RELIGIOUS INFLUENCE while (liberal) Religion INCREASES in Public Schools

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”. The Supreme Court has a long-standing precedence interpreting that government may not force someone to choose between complying with the tenets of his/her faith or complying with the law. Court cases from 1943, 1963, 1972 and then the passage of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 & the Religious Land Use & Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000 protecting houses of worship from discriminatory zoning all worked together to allow people of faith to exercise their religion in a free manner. More information can be found here.

Certain extreme Left-Wing St. Louis County citizens and groups have been pushing a set of social agendas in the St. Louis area public schools recently. When parents go through the due process of complaining, the liberal bullies say: “go to private school if you want to talk about that as it relates to your faith. Religion and your religious teachings have nothing to do with public schools.” As usual, liberal bullies rely on intimidation rather than facts to win their point.

Today's liberal bully hides behind "separation of Church & State" while simultaneously being very involved in a variety of "faith" paths. Take a look below at who is trying to influence local public schools like Parkway School District and Lindbergh School District right now.

For more information on this organization, look them up on Facebook. They have replace the "Satanic Temple of St. Louis" (STSL). Our investigation had led us to conclude that STSL had a few extreme militant leftist followers who could not abide by STSL's core mission. Other than those few militants, St. Louis lacked a larger interest among the St. Louis Community.

A Parkway parent is calling herself the Missouri State Director but our investigations speak to the contrary. For evidence of no Missouri State Director for the American Atheist group, click here.

Margaret Sanger (the founder of Planned Parenthood) and her deep philosophical ties to the Eugenics program is well documented. For a non-political Wikipedia article which lists Margaret Sanger's occupation as eugenicist, click here.

For more information on FRF, click here.

As is common knowledge, Christianity is not the "white man's religion". From the very beginning of America's history, African American men and women of faith rose up alongside White men and women of faith to work toward the Declaration of Independence pledge to future generations, that "all men are created equal". To say otherwise is maligning the facts of our history.

What are your children & grandchildren learning in history class today in your public school? Ensure they are learning the truth of our history, based on actual historical documents. 

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  1. Thank you MassReistanceMo for telling the truth and calling out the left. Keep up the good work!

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