Parkway BOE Prepares for Wednesday Vote on Funding THREE Requests Totalling more than a Quarter of a Million of YOUR Dollars

Parkway Schools Board of Education will be voting on spending $251,868 of taxpayer dollars in just three funding requests at Wednesday's BOE meeting.

Those requests include:

[1] $16,758 - to benefit five middle school girls who will learn to express themselves through poetry. This represents a cost of $3351.60 PER STUDENT for taxpayers. Does that sound fair?

[2] $26,500 to assist African American and first generation high school students at Central, North and West Schools with completing college applications. Shouldn't this type of counseling already be provided by Parkway employees (such as guidance counselors and social workers)? Why are South students excluded but South area taxpayers are expected to foot the bill?

[3] $208,610 - to purchase commodity processed food products. This is what your students will be eating. Sounds appetizing.

The BOE will also vote to allow 40 South students to take part in the DECA marketing trip later this year. However, the trip's $33,000 price tag will be funded by participating students' families, not the district's taxpayers.

The BOE also plans to vote on their decision regarding the change in the graduation date for Parkway Central High School in response to the current day falling on their holy day of Shabbat. The motion is expected to be posted by NOON on Tuesday, Sept. 12. 

Does this represent responsible use of taxpayer dollars? Do you want to fund these projects?  Is this fair and equal distribution of expenses based on need in the district? The BOE agenda may be found here. The regular meeting on Wednesday, September 13, begins at 7:00 pm at Parkway Central Middle School, 471 N. Woods Mill Road, Chesterfield, 63017.

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