Parkway Schools Gets Cozy With Satanist Activist. Don’t Let Your District Be Next!

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair once said, "The art of leadership is saying no, not saying yes. It is very easy to say yes." 

Unfortunately, Parkway Superintendent Keith Marty has been saying "yes" a lot to the statistically insignificant Progressives in his school district, perhaps because they were a useful conduit to further his purposes as well as an easy defense to deflect blame. Throughout the Parkway School District's controversial last few years, Dr. Marty has found it easy to say "no" to conservative concerns but "yes" to Progressives extreme agendas.

Parkway's Superintendent Dr. Keith Marty and Satanic Activist Sally B. Hunt have successfully redefined Parkway curriculum based on Hunt's bigotry and Marty's inability to stand up to her demands.

Here Hunt is photographed with one of the two women who founded The Order of the Satanic Sisterhood, which fashions itself as a "religious organization... for the Satanic Female" (both cis and trans). 

Parents in Ft. Zumwalt, St. Charles, Parkway, Lindbergh School Districts as well as surrounding communities all know "Sal." She has documented attending school board meetings demanding that any evidence SHE perceives as having Christian undertones be removed from schools (even though she has no clear understanding of how SCOTUS has ruled on these matters). Several superintendents have had enough of her bigotry and ordered her removal from school grounds. They have also banned her from their various school publications where she interjects commentary that is demeaning, disgusting and filled with debauchery.

Sometimes she's even told not to come back. 

Most recently, she lined up her favorite abortion activists to protest the inclusion of Best Choice curriculum in 18 Missouri school districts because it is sponsored by ThriVe St Louis, a pregnancy crisis center with a religious mission that is successfully reducing business from Planned Parenthood and  NARAL across the entire state of Missouri. (That picture below shows Pamela Merritt buddying up with Sally. Pamela is on NARAL's board.) 

And here's she's with Kristin Palovick, Organizing Associate for NARAL.

Ms. Hunt uses her free time, which she apparently has lots of as an unemployed former school counselor, to post/march/write to school boards and superintendents demanding that those things that offend her be removed from classrooms. Hunt's intolerance for anything moral blinds her ability to see any viewpoint other than her own or even consider that Best Choice  curriculum is a positive and healthy curriculum from which many students can benefit. 

Are we to believe that all Progressive Liberals agree with Sally Hunt & are as uninformed of state and federal laws ensuring that people of faith are equal members of society? Does she even care about excellence in education or is it just all about Sally's 15 minutes of fame?  

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. But education which stops with efficiency may prove the greatest menace to society. The most dangerous criminal may be the man gifted with reason but no morals. … We must remember that intelligence is not enough. Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education.”

—Martin Luther King Jr., speech at Morehouse College, 1948

History as far back as Aristotle demonstrates that seeing both sides of any issue or topic, respectfully presenting/debating those points and the critical thinking skills that ensue is the essence of an educated mind.  Anything less is not inclusive or tolerant, it is small minded and selfish.

Apparently Dr. Keith Marty, Superintendent of Parkway Schools, is reluctant to follow other superintendents' leadership by divorcing himself from the self-absorbed unemployed activist. Her virtue signaling is like a beacon for Dr. Keith Marty's decision-making. How many superintendents do you know who is on a first-name basis with a Satanist ex-counselor?

Searching through postings seem to indicate that Satanists are the new Bigots in society, fearful of anything possibly Christian or even moral. Satanist Sally has a new goal in sight -- work to destroy another organization that "offends" her. This time, she is going after BreakDown St. Louis. The mission of BreakDown states,"BreakDown STL educates, equips and empowers teens to make positive life choices regarding relationships, sex, alcohol, drugs, bullying, self-harm and suicide by providing culturally relevant preventative health education." 

Is Ms. Hunt so threatened by any positive expression of abstinence, fidelity and monogamy  that she is offended at the "absurdity" and insists the entire program be shut down? Perhaps Ms. Hunt should take her own advice and NOT GO TO A PROGRAM thus exercising the power of her choice while not infringing on the rights of others to attend and benefit from the program. 

Or perhaps Sally is threatened by the protection parents offer their minor children? If we only listen to Sally Hunt, children of any age are ready to have consensual sex, a troubling and dangerous perspective.  


Bigotry is defined as "being intolerant of those holding differing opinions" with synonyms extremist, fanatic, chauvanist, zealot, monomaniac. Hunt's absolute hatred for anything Christian comes through when a parent attempts to stand up to her on her own Facebook page. (Notice that this parent got more than triple the approval than Sal got for her response on her own page. That had to hurt.)

Brave Parent:

Sal's retort:

Hunt just doesn't get it: this is not a theocracy with Sally Hunt as the matriarch. She is intolerant of Christianity and conservatives and is hell bent to remove them from schools, irregardless of whether students benefit and enjoy this presentation. Bigotry in action!

But the irony doesn't end there. When someone pointed out to her that no licensed psychologists or medical officials are delivering the material included in BreakDown StL, Sal was all too quick to agree that this was "concerning."

Parents who have faced off with Sal during her attacks on Best Choice curriculum are falling to the floor laughing because this was not her concern at all when she was forcing the Best Choice program out of the schools! Best Choice is reviewed by obstetricians and gynecologists  and delivered by registered nurses. In case you're wondering-- school health teachers are not obstetricians, gynecologists or registered nurses. The curriculum is not delivered by psychologists, psychiatrists, or therapists. Look how brightly that bigotry shines!

Hypocrisy Revealed

This professional problem-maker with her anti-choice, abortion-loving sponsorship has been outted by the Black Lives Matter movement to which she most recently hitched her tiny wagon. She was sure to get her 15 minutes of fame touring West County Center...

...and St. Louis City (in the daylight...anyone notice that?)...

...and even the stadium (still daylight!)...

...but, alas, she's been defrauded, her hypocrisy exposed. 

Sadly, Hunt even turns on her husband.

So Sal will continue to flaunt her bigotry throughout school districts of Missouri as she insists on removing those positive, life-affirming materials & programs that offend her and her worldview while censoring out important medical information from materials and ignoring the needs of students in those districts. She is terribly fearful of Christianity and Christians and wants anything that might even suggest morality removed from schools at once. Because Sally gets what Sally wants or she yells/threatens/tries to embarrass decent people until she gets what she wants. The needs of students don't matter.

Only Sally matters.

Right, Dr. Marty of Parkway Schools?

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