Simplistic Labels for Complex Issues

Response: Labels are Dangerous Things

Conservative group Mass Resistance Missouri (MRMO) was recently attacked by a school board candidate who claims the organization was labeled a “hate group” by Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). MRMO is a grassroots parent organization born out of parents & community members given insufficient answers regarding the details of their children’s education. Parents & community members came together to donate their time and resources so that documented information regarding the problems in the district could be circulated and resources shared with parents battling in other states. Little did parents know that asking for answers and sharing public documents on their website would deem them “hateful” and part of a “hate group” akin to the KKK.

What readers may not know is that the SLPC has been largely discredited for its indiscriminate condemning of ANY organization that aligns with conservative politics, so much so that it was removed from the FBI’s resource list1 in 2014.

SPLC most recently drew fire when it included Dr. Ben Carson on the “extremist watch list2” in 2015 and received backlash as a result.

SPLC is a fear mongering organization that targets conservative organizations and equates them with violent and destructive Aryan and Black Nationalist organizations. Anyone who supports immigration laws, Christianity, sanctity of marriage, or is a member of a group that is not protected by political correctness is painted with a broad brush and branded an “extremist.”

Conservatives including the following are lumped together3 with extremists promoting and participating in acts of violence:

  • Historian David Barton, founder of WallBuilders & owner of 100,000 original documents that predate 1812
  • Author & columnist Pamela Geller, president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative
  • Former US Deputy Sec’y of Defense Lt. General Jerry Boykin – President of Family Research Council
  • Conservative author David Horowitz, founder of think tank “Horowitz Freedom Center”
  • Attorney David Yerushalmi, co-founder of American Freedom Law Center

There is a vast difference between personal values and violent activities of hate.

The SPLC’s non-profit status has been questioned due to founder Morris Dees’ membership4 in the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame. The more fear the organization drives, the more donations they receive.

MRMO is a pro-life organization that joined sister chapters in Texas, Nebraska, Massachusetts, California, Colorado, Australia, Taiwan, Nigeria and Mexico in the battle against comprehensive sex education.


MRMO’s formation was a direct result of Parkway School District’s insistence of including curricular resources provided by abortion providers and referral agencies, which is a direct violation of Missouri State Statute 170.015.

  • Community members, parents, and families grew tired of a board of education that limited sharing dissatisfaction to citizen statements and letters that were largely ignored, refused to meet with constituents while a school administration maintained an open door policy for student activists trained by TASH, a Planned Parenthood organization.
  • Many community members were asked and generously donated various needs so that information regarding the problems in the district could be circulated and resources shared with parents battling in other states.
  • We became a movement opposed to comprehensive sex education in our schools. Never once has any member of MRMO condemned any youth for being gay; they condemned the USE of gay youth by Planned Parenthood and school district administrators to drive their political agenda into our schools using our tax dollars.

Understanding the hate mongering that SPLC promotes is why it’s important to do your research and review facts before you elect someone to ANY political office.

MRMO does not promote hate 

  • We advocate for pro-life parents who oppose comprehensive sex education delivered by abortion providers and referral agencies
  • We connect citizens with parents in other states who are battling similar problems in their school districts, which is no different than any other organization that advocates for a viewpoint such as GSA, NEA, and NOW.

When people decide to label “opinions different than their own” as HATE is when you must be extremely cautious. Conservatism has been under heavy attack for the past 8 years and it will continue to be until people realize that a “nonprofit group” like SPLC makes money by marketing fear and hate. Realize the privilege of those protected by politically correct status to organize activists.

As American Greatness author Mark Sabo said, “By blurring the lines of distinction between groups that have no place in civil society and groups who simply express different political views, the SPLC contributes to the rise of intolerance and the ever-growing divide between the ruling class and Americans who reside in flyover country5.”

Assumptions are dangerous. You don’t want to elect someone to ANY political position who readily makes assumptions about you and YOUR beliefs. You never know when YOUR personal values will be the next subject of a smear campaign by a discredited organization that generously profits off labeling anyone with whom they disagree.

As informed American citizens & Parkway residents & voters, please read the attached information to better understand who is representing conservative pro-life values...


And be sure to be an INFORMED VOTER on TUESDAY APRIL 4TH!!


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