Pro-Life Community is Standing its Ground Amid Extreme Pro-Abort Activists

Since the Healthy Relationships Sexual Education curriculum was passed in March, 2016 in Parkway Schools, conservative parents have been highlighting how the curriculum is based on resources that are illegal according to MO State law 170.015. Parents have been told to be tolerant, move to a religious school, move to a different school district, Opt Out and accept their fate.

At Wednesday night’s Parkway Board of Education meeting, those same Tolerant Leftists became unhinged when pro-lifers simply appeared in front of the building. A large group of pro-life community members peacefully assembled outside of the BoE meeting and held signs supporting ThriVe and Best Choices curriculum. Not one member engaged a leftist in conversation at any time while standing outside the building. Several commonly known leftist activists took photos and video of the group but no communication was exchanged, something two armed police officers stationed at the doors can attest to. Yet, the mere presence of pro-life conservatives was enough to trigger the whole lot. They quickly became unhinged and accused the sign holders of “hate speech” even though not a word was uttered. They complained to the BoE that they were condoning a “fascist” protest, which made those protesting doubt the quality of the leftists' education because they clearly couldn’t identify true fascists when they looked in their own mirrors. But what does the law say about sexual education in an education setting?

This is what Missouri LAW says about mixing abortion-providers & sex ed curriculum:

“No school district or charter school, or its personnel or agents, shall provide abortion services, or permit a person or entity to offer, sponsor, or furnish in any manner any course materials or instruction relating to human sexuality or sexually transmitted diseases to its students if such person or entity is a provider of abortion services.”

Parkway uses curriculum written by Advocates for Youth, a well-known abortion referral organization that sponsors the "1 in 3" Campaign, which encourages women to "celebrate" their abortions in order to remove stigma for their population-control agenda.

When parents complained, they were told repeatedly:

  1. “Go to a religious school or opt out if you want them to teach your way, if you don’t agree.” --Leftist Activists
  2. “We will not revisit this curriculum until our 5-year review cycle comes up.” --School Administrators

While conservative parents were reeling from the dismissal of their grave concerns, a militant, leftist NARAL activist approached the BoE demanding that ThriVe’s Best Choices curriculum be removed and, within days, this appeared on the militant parent’s Facebook page:


Parents were once again faced with an administration that violated their trust.

Scores of parents, community members, taxpayers, and medical professionals repeatedly argued against the logic and legality of the curriculum and were repeatedly told it would not be reviewed for five years. One solitary militant pro-abortion activist complained and was rewarded with immediate action. Why wasn’t she told: “go to another school or opt out if you don’t agree” or “We will not revisit this curriculum until our 5-year review cycle comes up”? Why did NARAL’s representation get special consideration?

Now the tables are turned & pro-life, conservative parents find militant leftist activists are not nearly as tolerant as they dictate we should be!

At the May 10, 2017 Parkway BoE meeting, a respectful and peaceful pro-life gathering seems to have undone many of the core activists of the Tolerant Left. This Pro-Life group had several goals for their meeting:

  • Refute the lies bombarding ThriVe’s Best Choice curriculum. See the flyer they have been handing out here: BEST CHOICE Lies v Truth brochure_final.
  • Demonstrate that pro-Life is not a religious belief and cannot be used as an excuse to circumvent the law. It is rooted in medical fact and moral realization that life is to be protected at all stages.
  • Demonstrate that Best Choices is rooted in a diverse set of positive themes such as pro-adoption, pro-marriage, pro-love, pro-truth, pro-birth. Further, Best Choices reaches the 55% of the student body who aren’t having sex because those lessons the leftist NARAL activists have been pushing for don’t speak to them.
  • Engage in a physical demonstration of gentleness, goodness & love by distributing life water and cupcakes to celebrate birth, life, and adoption.

The flyer that was circulated included a positive tone. According to reports, pro-lifers from St. Louis City, St. Louis County and St. Charles County heard the rallying cry.

How did the Left Activists React?

As usual. They tried to LIE their way out of it. In their lying citizen statements, they said:

  • A Detroit-based militant group organized the rally. [A LIE.]
  • Thrive employees bring guns into the schools. [What?! Another LIE.]
  • Mass Resistance MO (MRMO) is a hate group according to Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). [More LIES. SPLC is a defrauded fear-mongering leftist organization that is funded by liberal leftists. MRMO is not included in their exhaustive list of conservative groups they typically are known for targeting.]
  • We must move on from this Church Militant, pro-life rally, religious agenda that is shame based towards women & medically inaccurate. [So much LYING!]
  • Directly below is the event theme/message.


When no one cared to listen to so much lying  and their clear ignorance of facts during their citizen statements, they moved to their next step in their assault plan—they attacked.

#1 – Leftists attack the elderly woman speaking for 1 ½ minutes.

#2 –  When things became too calm and peaceful, Leftists increased their  hatred and vitriol.


Notice the bullying and name-calling behavior and the inability to control the extreme need to shut down everyone who takes a view that doesn’t 100% align with them? When kids do that, we put them in time-out and require them to apologize.  We expect adults to model proper behavior and honor the basic laws of the land: FREE SPEECH.

#3 – When THAT strategy failed and the plan was clearly falling apart, Leftists sometimes admit what they really intended in the first place.

One militant parent aggressively addressed the entire board:

“They [citizens who spoke to keep Best Choice] all should be censured for hate speech in regards to SB43. When you don’t call them out on their hate speech you are the same fascists that we have out there. You all know the laws of government. You’re going to see action. Call them out. That’s what makes you a responsible citizen.”

Hate speech. Fascists. Hate speech. Fascists. Hate speech. Fascists.

It’s like listening to a broken record. A song of LIES!

#4 – Are all those leftist citizen statements really spontaneous? We’ve saved the best for last….

It’s what you say when you think no one is really listening that counts. In our next article, we will share a deeper analysis of what citizens said compared to certain board members. Is their collusion going on between board members and citizens? More to follow as developments unfold...

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